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Casino Match Rebates - General Information

Anytime you claim a deposit offer which gives you a Casino Match Rebate, an amount from your deposit immediately becomes part of the rebate itself.

We then add a percentage on top of that amount to increase your total rebate.

That percentage depends on the offer, but some of the most common Match Rebates are 25%50% and 100%.

Here are a few examples of how these work:


  • You claim a 50% Match Rebate on a $50 deposit. This means the $50 is not added to your cash balance, but instead goes directly into your rebate balance, and on top of that, we add 50% ($25) giving you a rebate worth $75


  • You claim a 100% Match Rebate on a $30 deposit. In this case, the $30 goes directly into your rebate balance and we add 100% ($30) giving you a rebate worth $60.

These rebates always have a maximum amount allowed, and as a result, there is also a maximum amount that can be deducted from your deposit.

Match Rebates are given in the form of Casino Instant Rebates, to be used in eligible casino games. The Instant Rebate, plus any winnings you earn, can be converted to real money by earning casino redemption points. The conversion rates can differ between offers, so please check your pending rebates for these details.

You can find all the specific information for your active rebates by going to the My Stars  >  Rebates section of your account.


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