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Casino Match Rebates - Surrender Value

With Match Rebates, you will have the option to surrender the Casino Instant Rebate, which means you can cancel it before it expires and receive part of your original deposit back. 

Whenever choosing this option, remember that the surrender value is calculated as the original purchase amount of your rebate, minus any losses.

In other words, any amount of the rebate which has been lost at the tables can no longer be surrendered. If you haven't lost any of the rebate, or you have winnings, the original purchase amount can be surrendered in full.

These rules apply to any Match Rebate offer where your deposit becomes part of the rebate.

If you decide to surrender an Instant Rebate, this can be done by following these steps:

  • Desktop: My Stars  > Rebates  >  Instant Rebates  >  select Surrender 
  • Mobile: My Stars (accessible via the Home Screen on iOS or the Menu on Android) > Rebates  > select Surrender 

Please keep in mind, this only applies to Match Rebates where an amount of your deposit goes directly into the rebate balance. Instant Rebates which do not include any of your own real money funds will always have a surrender value of zero


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