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Error message: "You are already logged-in from another computer...."

If you are trying to log in from your desktop or your mobile device and you are receiving an error message saying "You are already logged in from another computer....", this issue is called hanging login.

It is common for it to affect players who leave their account logged in and get disconnected due to a server restart. It is also common for this to affect players who are using the mobile app or our web browser software and simply close the app without clicking on Log Out.

If you do use the mobile app or log in via our website, please ensure that you always click Log Out before closing it. To resolve this issue please use the Contact Support Form to contact us so that we can manually log you out. A link to the form can be found in the Help menu of our desktop software, under Contact Us on our website, or in our mobile app, go to Settings & Tools then Support.


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