Security Related Frequently Asked Questions

Account Verification, Age Verification and Documents

Why do you request identity verification documents? How do I know if the documents I am sending will be acceptable? What is the best way to send verification documents? What format should I use for the verification documents I send to What type of government photographic issued ID is acceptable? What documents are acceptable of proof of address? I feel unsure about sending verification documents to PokerStars.

Security – Deposit problems

I have attempted to make a deposit on my account and I receive an error message stating that Deposits and Cashouts are disabled on my account. Why is this? I have sent you the copy of my ID, yet I still cannot deposit. Why am I being asked to provide details regarding my association to another player? Why do you ask these questions in order to allow me to deposit?

Security – Purchase limit increases

How do I increase my purchase limits? I have restricted my own deposit limits, but I did not know that my previous deposits would count against my new limit. Can this restriction be removed?

Security – Echeck related issues

I can no longer see the Echeck deposit method amongst my available deposit options in the in the Cashier screen. Can you advise why? One of my eCheck deposits was returned, what happens next? There is a charge on my bank statement that I do not recognize. How do I know if it is from your company? How come my balance does not show the deposit I have made a few minutes ago? I received an email confirming that the eCheck deposit was approved. This is my first eCheck return and I no longer have instant access to my eCheck deposits. When can I once again have real time access to the deposits? I have a new eCheck account, how do I register it in the Cashier?

Security – Cashouts/Withdrawals

I am trying to cashout; however, I get a message instructing me to contact Security. I am trying to cashout; however, the method/account I am being offered by default is no longer a valid option for me. How do I get it removed from my account to stop it showing up in the ‘Cashier’? I will be submitting my cashout request from a country other than the one registered in my PokerStars account. Is there anything I should do? How many pending cashout requests can I have at any one time? Can I cancel my pending cashout request? Can I change my mailing address after I have submitted my cashout request? I am unable to locate my cashout in my PokerStars account transaction history and I have not received notification that the request was cancelled. I am trying to cashout back to the same VISA card I have used to deposit. Why is the VISA option not available for me? How long will it take to process my cashout?

Security - Changes to account information and registered details

Is it possible to change the name on my account? What must I do to change the registered country in my PokerStars account? How can I update the registered home address in my PokerStars account? How can I update my date of birth? My bank account number has changed – how can I update it?

Security – Generic account information and account security

How many accounts am I allowed to have? Can I share my account with someone else or use someone else’s account to play at the tables? How can I close my account? How can I increase the security of my account? I have spotted two players colluding or chip dumping, to whom should I report them? I think a player has got multiple accounts. Will you do something about this? How can I identify false (Spoof or Phishing) emails?

Security – Account access and login problems

I have forgotten my User ID. What must I do? I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it? I cannot log on my account. I receive an internal error message 71/1001? When I try to log on my account, I receive an internal error message 102/1001 or 164/1001 or 165/1001 or 109/1001.

Security – Contacting the Security Department

I have sent multiple emails to you and I have not received a reply. When will you reply to my emails? Since has failed to reply, I will email another department. I need to speak to someone in Security. What is your phone number? What form should I fill out when requested to validate my credit/debit card?

Collections – Settling negative balance

I have a negative balance on my account. What do I do to settle it? The deposit options available to me in the Cashier have recently changed. Why? I have received an email telling me I owe money, how can I be sure this is the case? I received an email saying I owe an amount that I have never deposited; I would never deposit such amount, why do I owe it? I received an email saying I owe an amount including cents; I did not deposit in cents why do I owe a value that is not rounded?

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Responsible Gaming

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